Ecological Assessments (EA’s)

The assessment of the current ecological value of a development site is a primary requirement for the NI Planning Service planning permission process.

ATEC can carry out:

  • Preliminary Ecological Assessments / Appraisals
  • Full Ecological Assessment and Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys using the JNCC (UK/NI) or Heritage Council (RoI) Habitat classifications.
  • Completion of NI Biodiversity Checklist
  • Invasive Species Surveys (Japanese knotweed, Giant hogweed)
We can then formulate cost-effective Ecological Mitigation Design to avoid, reduce or compensate for negative impacts.

All our surveys and monitoring activities are conducted in accordance with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM)Guidelines and Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) specific survey requirements.


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